Photography, New York, 2017
Image size variable, 24 by 36 inch to 60 by 40 inch

In retrospect, I was a person who always is isolated from the place where I lived. I believed I love metropolis. However, I felt dry and anxiety from my first metropolis. So, I tried to live with nature but strangely, I started to miss the city. And I came back to the big city, again, I felt dry and anxiety again.

I could not open up my heart to any place where I lived. The place where I live only represented my address. I saw the places where I lived and it seems like watching landscape painting.

I wanted to express this feeling. I gathered my pictures of the place where I lived, and I collaged all pictured in one picture, and I printed this with huge size more than my height and I installed isolated space with this collaged picture. I stayed in this space and I could feel disparate and unsatisfied feeling again.
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