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Jeong Hur is an artist who works with the photographic medium in New York. The psychological events he has experienced for a long time have always made it difficult for him to believe his own senses. These events constantly made him agonize about his presence.

Photography is for him more of an activating process than a passive or reflective one. Photography began as a tool to express his frustration and pent-up oppression. However, his going artistic practice has become a trigger to make him think about ontological questions about, being, nonbeing, and nothing. Ultimately and through his work, by presenting opposing concepts, the perpetuity of his films and the absence of images, his work emphasizes being. It has become an essential element of his survival.hrough his artwork, he keeps trying to prove he has existed, exist and will exist.

Jeong Hur (b. Seoul, South Korea)
Currently in New York