Jeong Hur / 허 정
b. Seoul, South Korea

Currently in New York

Jeong Hur is a person creating something based on lens-based media. He conceives his practice as a process of personal affirmation in the face of existential and retentional doubt. Working with multiple media, he focuses on the difference in the details and textures of his image and his existence. In his practice, he stages his own disappearance while simultaneously asserting his presence through his performative practice on the surface of his image. After Jeong got MFA from SVA, he has won several international photo competitions and continued exhibiting his works through multiple shows internationally.

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As a firm and fixed record of the past, photography captures moments And it represents memories of moments. Time freezes in photos while life continues to be swept endlessly along the current of time.
The photos from my archive always trigger reminders of past moments. However, the clearness of memory keeps blurring with time. The impression and concept only remain. And they are added endlessly. The layers added by time passing. Based on my first impression of my memory, I freely draw and record the scene in my dream. By adding these lost, I can recreate the changes like dreaming.

In my practice, even though there are blurred images, drawings, and some unrecognizable text, it still represents one photographic scene. It blends real emotions with subjective intervention in my film produced by light and chemicals. Through the process of blurring and generating, I can say this is my record.
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