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Jeong Hur is an artist who works with the photographic medium in New York. The psychological events he has experienced for a long time have always made it difficult for him to believe his own senses. These events constantly made him agonize about his presence. For him, the contradictory character, moment and materiality of the photographic film are important concepts that prove his existence. Through his artwork, he keeps trying to prove he has existed, exist and will exist.


In a confusion of overwhelming sensations – hallucinations, false memories, and depression – I am haunted by the question of whether or not I am real. I experience things that no one else can feel, and I have come to distrust myself. I keep asking myself the same question: Am I here?

I use 4x5-inch large format film to help answer this question little by little. Like writing a diary, I record everything around me, especially myself, on the surface of film. Hundreds of photographs pile up, and as I feel their weight I realize the substance of my life. I develop them in the darkroom, and this is my meditation. There in the dark, I can explore my unconscious. I express my inner life on the surface of the film, and the images evoke abstraction, confusion, and incoherence. They are my mind on film.

Am I making images clear through the developing process? Or am I trying to calm my inner turbulence?

My work focuses on reproducing my psychological condition within film, a physical material, and this material is the only sure thing I can grasp. The images are imperfect and can easily be changed by how they react to surrounding stimuli, such as weather, production elements, and preservation conditions. And the images in the film, like my state of mind, can become twisted, recreated, transformed, or nonexistent, all in constant instability.

How unreliable.

How relatable.

Film’s materiality is the only sure thing. The uniform size, weight, and texture bring me satisfaction. When I am long gone, my films will remain. They will echo my reality from the distant past. In the instability between the physical world and my psychological realm, my photos represent my journey for peace both within and without.

Jeong Hur│허 정
b. South Korea