I explore the possibility of photographic images in an individual's memory in coexisting digital and analog eras. In the past, people captured their memories through photos on film. And those memories and appreciation have changed like film photos that change color over time. There's now an unprecedented flood of never-fading photographic images from our phones and the social media boom. Like a faded childhood photo album, the role of a photo image as a channel that connects people to memories has changed a little.

The essence of the image is connecting the audience's perspective to their memories and evoking emotion. Seeing photos makes people think of their memories, whether hard times or happy. However, the image cannot produce the same sentiment as intense as people felt at the time. In my practice, I want to rekindle those fierce feelings.

With other experiences and time, memory overwrites and transforms in various ways. Even if what the image depicts differs from memory, some points in the image can trigger my mind to connect with the past. This happens not only with my photo and myself but can also take place with any photo and individual. I am expanding and connecting my memories and feelings with others through the 'things' I create.

My photographic image is a catalyst to generate and share changing memories. From analog to digital, including chemical reactions in the darkroom, digital collages, AI images, and 3D photo sculptures, my photographic 'things' in various forms communicates with my thoughts and memories. And when they start talking with other people, my 'things' begin to affect other people's minds beyond mine.

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