When there is no vision,

Alternative process, Archival pigment print, 2018 ~

I do meditation. I close my eyes and try to use other senses and to feel surrounding. With meditation, when I am in emotional fluctuation, I can find my inner peace.  

In Korea, traditionally, painting is considered as part of Buddhist cultivation and developing their inner power. With brushing on their frame, they aimed to find their own Buddha and to be a Buddha. The basic idea of my ancestor’s painting is a single frame, such as paper or silk, is not limited. They practiced saying about infinity, emptiness, and space.

This series is part of my meditation. For blocking my vision, I sometimes do meditation in my darkroom. And sometimes, like Korean ancestor, I tried to paint. However, I did not paint on paper or silk. I brushed on film.

Film’s surface is full of chemicals that can depict and capture the light from the world. I feel the world is crowded with a lot of stimulation. What I feel from the world is similar to the film. For this reason, by brush stroking on the film, I try to remove chemicals on film's surface for finding my inner peace from the messy world.

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