New Species

22 by 33 inchs, Digital Print, 2017, New York
In my generation, most people use social media and they use social media as a tool for showing off themselves.

Especially, Korean young people show off how much they are fancy, how delicious food they eat, how much they are rich and how many friends they have through uploading photos or text. As I feel, this kind of photos in Social media is similar to royal family’s portrait painting in middle age. They also used their portrait for showing their power or achievements.

But, people in social media usually different with their real form. In my experience, people who in social media and people who in the real world both are different people. Also, as I feel, people only on the Internet have evolved into independent entities from real people.

These pictures depict new species only exist on the Internet. I followed the form of middle age’s portrait painting by moving pixels in people’s profile picture.

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