Grandmother’s Closet

44 by 66 inch, Photography, 2016, Seoul
I believed most Korean old women dress up in a similar way, such as glamorous clothes and curly hair. However, through the conversation with my grandmother, I could know my view about Korean old women was wrong. In her younger days, she could not buy fancy, fashionable clothes due to her poor economy status. When things changed and her life got into a better status, she was too old to care about fashion. Instead, she expressed her aesthetics by her own way other than fashion, continually, especially by gathering plates decorated by flowers.

By this coincidental chance, I planned this project, ‘Grandmother’s Closet’. I was curious about how other Korean old women were expressing their interest in beauty. So, I started interviewing other women and I could find out they express themselves with their own, each way. By this series of pictures, I wanted to share how other Korean old women express their own aesthetic.
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