Dots, Lines and Planes

15m 22s, New-media Performance, 2015 - 2016, Indie Arthall GONG, Seoul

Performance Overview, Photography by Caleb Cho
Poster for Performance, A1 size, Made by Jeong Hur
Workbook for Performance, A4 size, Made by Jeong Hur
All relationships start by a person meeting a person, like a dot meeting a dot. I started this project by this idea. I expressed the relationship between people as lines, and showed how these lines can create a society.

I used the basics of formative, dots, lines and planes for graphic design, and figured how I could turn this into a performance. I used black light and mapping in a dark venue, so the audience would only focus on the graphics and movements of the dancers. I wanted to express human relationship, so I used two dancers rather than one.
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