Mixed media, 2016, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul
This work is about my friends who live in a small room, less than 71 ft2, named Goshiwon. When I lived my hometown for undergraduate study, I naturally became friends who they also came from other area and they usually lived in Goshiwon. When we were freshmen in college, all of us were full of vitality. However, while years have passed, character of my friends who they lived in Goshiwon became changed slightly. First, their state of mind was drastically changed. They were positive people but now they are negative and always rapping out a complaint.

I think the reason of my friend’s change is because of Goshiwon. Room is extremely small and also cannot proof other room’s sound. Some of room have to share toilet and shower booth with all other people in that stair. Most people who live in Goshiwon are young and when young age, as I think, expressing themselves, especially emotion, is really important for growing up to next level. However, because they live in small room, they cannot express and they should try to calm themselves down. So, I started to make sculpture series and recoreded to dedicate my friends.

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