24 hours, 1440s portraits

Multi-channel Installation, New York, 2017
Blended pictures, 24 hours looping Video, Book Reading Video

I want to know all about myself. However, I even do not know which sleeping habits I have. Also, when I saw my photos that taken by others, I feel strange and I also thought that images do not seem to me. Until now, I cannot say I know myself well.

However, I still want to know all aspect of myself. So, I took my selfie every minute for 24 hours. My 24 hours selfies, 1440s selfies, were full of my photos that I do not want to admit and that I do not know, such as eating and sleeping.

When I played 1440 photos on video, my appearance was no different with my image I was aware of. And when I slowly looked at my 1440-page photobook, I could find my features what I try to deny and whatever I do not want to know. Finally, when I mix 1440 pictures into one image, I could not find a clear photo of myself. And while I am looking at the last picture that combined all pictures, include my appearance that I already know and that I do not want to know, I finally admit all appearance is me.

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